24. Virtual Products / Virtual Labs

Here’s the Virtual Products / Virtual Labs learning interaction from my eBook, Engaging Interactions For eLearning:

Description: Virtual products and virtual labs offer the learner a simulated environment where they can safely interact with a product or setting. The learner should be able to attempt different actions and the product’s (or environment’s) response should mimic real-life as closely as possible. This is a much cheaper way to train learners, especially in scenarios where the real products/environments are expensive or difficult to obtain.

Read Learning By Doing, by Clark Aldrich, for more information on virtual products and virtual labs.

Example: Consider:

  • A chemistry lab where you can test chemical reactions without worrying about injuries, explosions, etc.,
  • A simulation where you can try out a new cell phone, or
  • A software simulation in a sandboxed environment (so real data is not affected).
Level(s) of Interaction: 3, 4
Knowledge Type(s): Factual

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