23. Interactive Spreadsheets

Here’s the Interactive Spreadsheets learning interaction from my eBook, Engaging Interactions For eLearning:

Description: Interactive spreadsheets are exercises that allow the learner to plug-in figures or information into a system and see the direct results of their actions. Consider using interactive spreadsheets when it is important to show the effects of actions over time, or when you need to emphasize cause-and-effect relationships.

Read Learning By Doing, by Clark Aldrich, for more information on interactive spreadsheets.

Example: The classic example of this type of interaction is a lemonade stand:

You must operate a lemonade stand and determine how and when to spend your money. After making your decisions, you will be able to watch how your lemonade stand performs over (simulated) time.

Example questions:

How much will you charge for lemonade? (If you price it too high, people will not buy it. If you price it too low, you will not make money.)

Next weekend will be very hot. Do you think you will sell more lemonade than usual? If so, should you buy extra supplies?

Level(s) of Interaction: 3, 4
Knowledge Type(s): Factual

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