10. A Customer’s Perspective

Here’s the A Customer’s Perspective learning interaction from my eBook, Engaging Interactions For eLearning:

Description: Have the learner work through a problem or situation from a customer’s perspective. You may have them interact (virtually) with a customer sales representative who is using a call script, or have them work through the installation of a product using only the documentation provided by the company. This could enlighten the learner to how customers are treated or how the documentation/methods/procedures really work.
Example: Consider this scenario:

You were overcharged on your latest cable bill. Contact the cable company to resolve this issue.

Have the learner work through a dialogue with a virtual customer service representative who uses a typical call script. At the end, have the learner explain what went well – and what did not go well.

Level(s) of Interaction: 2, 3
Knowledge Type(s): Factual

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