6. Find the Mismatched / Stand-out Item

Here’s the Find the Mismatched / Stand-out Item learning interaction from my eBook, Engaging Interactions For eLearning:

Description: Present the learner with several images of items related to the learning content. Instruct the learner to choose an item or items for a key reason.
Example: Consider these scenarios:

Click the widget(s) that were not manufactured correctly.

Click the television model(s) that do not have an LCD screen.

Level(s) of Interaction: 2
Knowledge Type(s): Factual

This is a quick-and-easy interaction that can be used as a knowledge-check or as an assessment item. As with any interaction, it’s important to provide plenty of feedback to the learner based on their actions. You may also consider having the learner justify their selection before providing them with feedback. Have them relate their selection back to the material they learned earlier in the lesson. For example, "Why did you select this item?" If they selected incorrectly, it may not be a bad idea to review common misconceptions to make sure they have a clear understanding of what is correct and why.

An extended version of this interaction would be an investigation scenario, where the learner has to study one or more objects, people, etc., to arrive at a conclusion. For example, if teaching ways to identify flu symptoms versus symptoms of a common cold, you may have the learner "examine" several virtual patients to learn about the symptoms and when they occur.


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