5. Order of Importance

Here’s the Order of Importance learning interaction from my eBook, Engaging Interactions For eLearning:

Description: Have the learner organize information into a hierarchy based on importance, urgency, level of awareness, or whatever criteria fit the situation. This interaction makes sure the learner understands how information fits together and what is most important.
Example: Have new employees organize the company’s structure (ex. divisions, regions, business units, offices, etc.) or product lines (by amount of revenue generated, by popularity, etc.).
Level(s) of Interaction: 2
Knowledge Type(s): Factual

Let’s discuss this further…

Sometimes content can simply be overwhelming for a learner. They may be having trouble wrapping their brains around the basic elements of a concept. This interaction is a simple way to help them understand how items fit together or are related to each other. When I started my current job, I was quickly confused by the structure of our Field personnel. The regions, units, divisions, departments, and even management titles didn’t seem logical. A simple exercise like this would have been helpful to quickly put things in order so I could continue learning about the organization. I would’ve appreciated an exercise like this where I could order (and re-order) the different items until I got it right. You see, simple interactions can lead to ‘A-ha!’ moments, too!


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